My Boyfriend Is a Jinyiwei

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    我男票是锦衣卫 • Wo Nanpiao Shi Jinyiwei • Wo Nanpengyou Shi Jinyiwei • My Boyfriend Is an Imperial Guard • Bạn trai tôi là cẩm y vệ • Cowokku Bodyguard Raja • Мой возлюбленный – Цзиньи-вэй • حبيبي جينوي • 하늘에서 내려온 오빠 • Fall in Love with an Imperial Guard • My Imperial Guard Boyfriend
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My Boyfriend Is a Jinyiwei is a popular manga written by Hong Jun . The story is translated to English and covers Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Supernatural genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of My Boyfriend Is a Jinyiwei and can be read for free.


In a modern-day loli's home, a super handsome ancient Jinyiwei falls from the sky! Without parental care, the loli takes him as her closest person and even wants to become his bride?! Though he appears tsundere, cold, and picky on the surface, he finds it harder and harder to let go of her…



*Note: Jinyiwei (in English "embroidered military guard") were secret police in China during the Ming dynasty (see Wikipedia for more).