The Ranker's Guide to Live an Ordinary Life

The Ranker's Guide to Live an Ordinary Life is a popular manga written by Anonymous. The story is translated to English and covers Action, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance genres. releases the latest English translated chapters of The Ranker's Guide to Live an Ordinary Life and can be read for free.


The first S-class Awakened is really a third-rate student?!



In the 21st century, the world became a 'fantasy'. In a South Korea filled with despair, S-classes have descended! The greatest of them - Witch Queen Jyo!



"Goddess Jyo... Queen Jyo... Who are you...? Who could it be?"



The true identity of the savior who has been shrouded in mystery for 10 years. Her identity? Gyung Jyo, a third-rate student, who's unable to make outgoing calls due to her mother's anger.and on the verge of being strangled and trapped in the abyss.



She was leading a peaceful and ordinary life as Korea's top unemployed person, however...



[The rankings are being updated.] [Your current ranking has dropped to 2nd place.]






"I know who you are, Witch Queen."



Baek Dohyun, a regressor, appears in front of Gyung Jyo!



Will Gyung Jyo, an S-class Munchkin ranker, be able to maintain her comfortable and lazy tyrant life, as her well-rolling life turns upside down into the position of the world's savior?